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Refund & Cancellation

Security Deposit

  • A member must pay a minimum amount of Rs. 4000, as a security deposit at the moment your car is delivered Which will be refunded in 7 to 10 working days after receiving of vehicle.
  • This amount will be in addition to total booking amount.
  • Booking will be only finalized if the member pays the security deposit to Ultimate Personal Car Rental Pvt. Ltd. 
  • The security deposit will be refunded back to you once you get back the vehicle to the initial pick-up point. 
  • However, Ultimate Personal Car Rental Pvt. Ltd. holds the right to deduct a considerable amount from the security deposit in case of violation of late return policy, cleanliness policy, over speeding and towing or impounding charges, or returning of the vehicle at a wrong location. 


I hereby agree to following terms and conditions:

  • I can cancel the booking by logging into My Personal Car account through the Website or Mobile application or I may send in the details of the booking if I am willing to cancel my booking by writing an email to You at designated Coordinates and I shall be liable to pay charges as specified in Schedule of Charges for such cancellation. Cancellation charges are dependent on the fact that the Vehicle is availed by Me for number of hours of number of days.
  • In case I fail to pick up the Vehicle as per the scheduled pick-up time as specified by Me in Reservation Details without intimating at the Coordinates specified above, the incident will be treated as a no show resulting in the forfeiture of the Hire Charges.
  • The cancellation charges will be adjusted from Hire Charges and Security Deposit paid by Me and the remaining amount post necessary adjustment shall be refunded to Me by You within 7 - 10 working days of the cancellation and where after such adjustment if it is ascertained that there is still amount due and payable then I shall pay the same through the weblink provided by You to Me on My mobile number and email.
  • Cancellation made before 24 Hrs. before booking starts: 25% of booking amount
  • Cancellation made within 24 Hrs. but greater than 6 hrs of booking start time: 40% of booking amount
  • Cancellation made within 6 Hrs. of booking start: No refund
  • Cancellation made after booking starts: No Refund 


  • A booked ride cannot be rescheduled.
  • Extension Post Start
  • A member will be charged Rs. 500 extra to extend his time period. 
  • Furthermore, the extended period will be billed at 1.5X the hourly fee as per the pricing plan purchased by the member.